summer // film diary

It was a summer of watermelon salads and soba on the porch. A summer of late nights and early morning commutes, of picnics and potlucks at sunset, of afternoons spent at at the lake and impulsive weekend trips.

Here is your guide to enjoying Camp Tufts.

Try out new recipes.




Impulsively cross state lines and end up spending an afternoon exploring Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Eat $7 lobster rolls, climb up ladders that lead to rooftops, buy poetry books, and enjoy the sunshine.

Asset0021 copy.jpg

Blast the radio on the way home, singing analog to Jesse McCartney and Daughtry on SiriusXM’s ~hits from the 2000’s~ station.

Asset0022 copy.jpg

Buy green onions, soba noodles and soba sauce from H Mart and proceed to bring soba to every single potluck you attend (so simple yet so delicious!).


Order two $5 pizzas to the lake. Make sure to eat at least one of them before a dog runs by and steps on one of the pizzas.

Asset0004 copy.jpg

Cook a feast for brunch on the 4th of July (to which all of your friends will show up late).


Sublet at a house with a balcony (or find friends who have one), and deck it out with garden lights and free furniture you find at the side of the road.

Asset0006 copy.jpg


Have picnics on the Pres Lawn.


… And invite your friends.

Asset0013 copy.jpg

Bike to the docks at sunset and bring rosé… only to realize you forgot to bring a cork screw.


Make a last minute decision to spend the weekend in New York City.


Book an airbnb in Brooklyn with a lovely rooftop garden with all kinds of fruits and heirloom tomatoes and a view of the Empire State…


And proceed to eat your way through New York.


Return to Tufts after a whirlwind 26 hours. Realize that even though New York is *New York*, you actually quite like Somerville.


bits of Boston // film diary

Last week, I remembered that I had 2 rolls of film I had gotten back before leaving Boston that I hadn’t had the chance to look at yet. Unfortunately, it looks like CVS accidentally mixed up one of the rolls for someone else’s, and I ended up with someone else’s photos (of what looked like a kid’s birthday party). The frustration of losing the roll with all my film photos from New Orleans and Portland was (slightly) alleviated by the hilarious selfies of 10 year olds on the roll that I got.
Regardless, here are a few of the photos from my first roll, documenting moments from the past few months in Boston:
Asset0013 copy.jpg
Ali visiting from London in September and helping me move in and set up my new room.
Asset0016 copy.jpg
What summer looked like – a lot of cooking together and having dinners at sunset on Emily’s porch.
Asset0019 copy.jpg
Asset0024 copy.jpg
Unexpectedly finding my favorite street musician at Park Street. You can’t really see his face in this picture, but I used to hear him busking almost every morning at Davis when I was working over the summer (that 8am grind) – and it never failed to brighten my day :’)
Untitled 2.jpg
Asset0021 copy.jpg
The best kind of morning.