Here’s to loving ourselves better next year.

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share something that I came across online here:

“Be easy on yourself.
Don’t rush to write down half-hearted resolutions + force accelerated change on your life, all in effort to make the January 1st mark.
Now is a time for reflection. For pausing. For learning. For letting go and transcending.
What is heavy? What is light? What would you like to see shift?
Create an intention, a positive calling, your own personal spark of magic that will manifest itself. All rooted in loving self, then back it all with your action.”

•   •   •   •

I’m not the biggest on New Year’s resolutions. I’ve always thought it shouldn’t take the January 1st mark to motivate reflection and change, but rather, that we should constantly be pushing ourselves towards self-improvement – and then there’s the fact that hastily-made resolutions don’t usually last long into the new year. But I like the idea of “intentions”, and I do believe that the passing of the year can be a nice and gentle reminder (and as good a time as any) to remember, reflect, and look forward. This year, I’m taking some time out to think about what last year was about – what surprised me, what I’m proud of, what I was able to accomplish and what I wasn’t, what I’m most grateful for, my favorite memories, and what I’ve discovered about myself along the way.

In reflecting on the past year, one of the big things that’s stood out to me is how easy it can be to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of what’s really important to you – things like spending time with loved ones and pursuing things that make your soul grow. A few weeks ago, I had conversation with my roommate from last year where we talked about how we each wanted to do more creative projects, like making videos and taking photographs, but how they always came secondary to school and work. I recall saying, “I think I should make more time for doing the things that I love”. It was only after I said it out loud that I realized how silly it sounded – of course we should all make time for the things that we love! How ridiculously simple. But in reality, I’ve found that it’s much easier said than done. Too often I’ve found that I get wrapped up in other commitments and forget how important it is to make time for myself to do what makes me truly happy.

Today I’m focusing on creating positive callings to action, rooted in self-love, and re-focusing on what I want to gain out of the year ahead. A few of them include making more time for myself, stopping the glorification of busy, and telling the people I love how much I appreciate them while I have the chance. As each year, 2016 brings the opportunity to grow and expand, to soak up new experiences, and to laugh and love and live as only we can.

Here’s to loving ourselves better next year.



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